Endurance Self Generating Upright Exercise Bike [B3U]
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Endurance Self Generating Upright Bike [B3U]


Quiet Self-Generating Electronics

Everyone knows how to ride a bike, but not everyone knows how to build a commercial quality upright bike that will provide a lifetime of cardio fitness. The Endurance B3U Upright Bike offers commercial quality features that provide you with the feel of a top-end touring bike.

With a more comfortable seat than a traditional road bike and 16 levels of smoothly adjustable magnetic resistance, the Endurance B3U puts you in control of your daily ride. You’re free to adjust your workouts to suit your mood, challenge your endurance or maximize your cardio benefit.

The Endurance B3U’s self-generating electronics provide you with the constant feedback you need to monitor your workout. Plus, with contact heart rate and advanced heart rate control programming, you’ll ride smarter and more cardio-efficiently.

Best of all, you’ll ride quietly and conveniently in the comfort of your own home. The Endurance B3U is commercially engineered and solidly built to provide you with a lifetime of cardio fitness. Try to find a better upright bike or a more comfortably efficient workout, and you’ll end up at the health club. Rain or shine, when you’re ready to ride, the Endurance B3U is always ready to roll.

Advantages of Using the Endurance B3U

The Endurance B3U features 8 fitness programs and 16 levels of variable magnetic resistance that puts you in the driver’s seat of your desired workout. You’ll monitor your progress on an easy-to-read electronic display that charts heart rate, distance, speed, time, calories, resistance level, watts and METS. Best of all, you’ll ride your way into a healthier, cardio-fit lifestyle.

• Heart Rate Control is almost like having your own personal trainer, empowering you to maximize your workout results. The Heart Rate Control program will monitor your heart rate and automatically adjust to maintain your target heart rate.

• Cardio Training is the first step to a healthier heart, enabling you to strengthen your entire cardiovascular system.

• Endurance Training can help you fight fatigue in your daily routines, improve your overall mood and develop a healthy, fit appearance.

• Fat Burning Programs are designed to help you quickly reduce your waistline and develop a fitter, trimmer physique.

• Interval Training combines the aspects of endurance training and cardio training with various speeds and levels of resistance. For many, the variable nature of such a workout eliminates frustrating fitness plateaus.

Reasons for choosing the Endurance B3U

If you can ride a bike, you can achieve cardio fitness. The familiarity of the motion makes biking universal in its appeal for those wishing to improve their overall health and fitness through non weight-bearing exercise.

Now, you can bring it on home with the Endurance B3U, a superior upright exercise bike built to the demanding standards of commercial health clubs. Whether your goal is to build your endurance, lose weight or improve your cardiovascular health, the Endurance B3u offers the pedal-pushing performance you need to achieve your goals.

With its elegant metallic powdercoat finish, super-silent drive system and 16 levels of smooth, consistent magnetic resistance, the Endurance B3U will inspire you to hit the ground riding every day… on your way to peak physical conditioning. Plus, with all the features and benefits solidly built into every Endurance bike, you’ll be making a wise, long-term commitment to health and cardio fitness.

Smart investments pay dividends for a long time. Buying and using an exercise bike can be an excellent way to strengthen your cardiovascular system, manage your weight and burn calories. However, all treadmills are not created equal.

To ensure you make a smart decision, make sure you buy a sturdy, strong, well-made bike. An authorized Endurance retailer or knowledgeable fitness expert will be able to provide you with many good, solid reasons to consider the Endurance B3U over many higher priced brands used in professional health clubs.

• Lasting Endurance: Our exclusive lifetime, in-home warranty provides 100% coverage for every part on every Endurance machine, including normal wear items. Forever… period.

• Stringent Standards: Endurance cardio equipment is solidly built in our state-of-the-art ISO9000:2000-certified manufacturing facility, recognized around the world as a sign of product excellence.


Endurance bikes are built to perform to the scrutinizing standards of commercial health club equipment. Compare the features of the Endurance B3U, and you’ll discover how quality components, precision engineering, state-of-the-art electronics and the best warranty in the industry combine to make Endurance the premier name in home cardio fitness.

• Heavy Gauge Welded Steel Construction: The Endurance B3u boasts a beautiful silver metallic coat finish on a frame designed to accommodate up to a 400-pound user.

• Comfortable Design: Competition-style handle bars with contact heart rate sensors and a 10-position touring-style seat with DuraFirm upholstery ensure a comfortable ride every time.

• Quiet Performance: The 24 lb. precision balanced flywheel and super-silent poly-V belt drive system mean the Endurance B3u will take you for a smooth quiet ride.

• Profile Matrix LED Display provides you with an interactive conduit to the efficiency and monitoring of your workout, including Contact Heart Rate Control, time, distance, speed and calories burned. You’ll also get feedback on resistance level, Watts and METS, helping you keep your workout interesting and effective.

• Self-Generating Power: A commercial quality, self-contained generator provides all the power needed to run the ergonomically friendly console with large, bright, easy-to-read display.

Rollaway Convenience: Front transport wheels allow you to roll the Endurance B3U to a convenient corner or out-of-the-way area of your home.

• Covered By Endurance’s Lifetime Warranty.

Technical Specifications

• Model: B3U.
• Programs: Interval, Random, Heart Rate Control, Fat burn, Weight Loss, Rolling, Cardiovascular.
• Feedback: Heart Rate, Distance, Speed, Time, Calories, Resistance Level,Watts and METS.
• Auto Start: Yes.
• Workout Feedback Display: 8 LED Segments (4 x 2).
• Workout Profile Display: 8 x 30 Profile Matrix LED.
• Heart Rate Technology: Contact Heart Rate Control.
• On-The-Fly Programming: Yes.
• Accessory Holder: CD & Water Bottle.
• Resistance Levels: 16.
• Resistance System: Magnetic.
• Drive System: Super Silent Poly-V Belt Driven.
• Flywheel: 24 lbs. Precision Balanced.
• Frame: Heavy-Gauge welded steel with textured powder coat finish.
• Handle Bars: T-Bar Style at console and Side Support with Contact Heart Rate.
• Seat: 14-position recumbent with DuraFirm”! upholstery and contoured for lumbar support.
• Pedals: Self-balancing with straps.
• Floor Space: 35″W x 41″D x 55”H.
• Max User Weight: 400 lbs.
• Power Requirements: Self-generated.

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