Bodycraft Jones Club Machine [JCLUB]



The Safest Barbell Ever Made!

Patented 3-D barbell motion provides for an almost unlimited array of exercises. Smith Machines move vertically only! The Jones moves both vertically and horizontally, allowing for a more natural, user-defined motion. Because the body’s natural movements can be utilized within the Jones, all free-weight exercises can be performed. This is the Jones machine built for full club use.

Choose The Olympic Bar You Want!

Active Balance Bar: The Active Balance Bar must be balanced by the user, providing the benefits of Barbell training by incorporating stabilizer muscles and promoting symmetry. The ABB is attached to the bearing housings via a limited-range coupler which allows it to tilt, but never to far to go beyond the bar hooks and safety spotters. Far and away the Number 1 choice.

Power Bar: Top quality bar without Active Balance feature. Rigidly attached to the bearing housings.

What Is So Revolutionary About The Jones?

It is the safest Free-Weight device ever made for the solo lifter! Think of it as a Power Rack where the Bar Hooks and Safety Spotters move along with every movement you make! It is the next Generation of a Smith Machine! Think of it as a 3-D Smith, moving in two planes! Or, lock it into place for traditional “Smith” exercises!

• Construction: 3 x 3, 10 Gauge steel.
• Movement: All moving parts glide smoothly on industrial grade LM25 linear bearings and solid hardend steel guide rods.
• Bar Hooks: Suspended atop heavy-duty dampening springs.
• Warranty: Commercial: 2 years parts, 10 years on frame (Residential: Lifetime all parts).

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