Thank You Jesus

Jesus Divine Mercy

First and foremost, I wish to thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who has graced me with patience, discipline, wisdom, my Catholic faith and most importantly, life. In addition, I extend endless, heartfelt gratitude to my loving parents (Greg and Lisa), sister (Marianne), brother (Greg Jr), and late grandmother (Carmen), along with caring and supporting friends who provided the earthly foundation and positive environment to help smooth an already difficult path.

Although some categorize physical improvement as superficial, the process of gaining muscle or burning fat introduces important virtues such as patience, dedication, organization, and self control, traits that are frequently absent in our society, and which greatly contribute to the achievement of other, more important aspirations (fighting addictions, controlling impulses, etc). Is consistent exercise and diet vital to overall success in life? Hardly. Physical appearance is the least important factor in examining what one can offer the world; yet, can achieving significant physical improvements through proper diet & exercise enhance character and develop a new, positive attitude in other worthwhile areas? Certainly! My own personal fitness path has produced increased focus and effort in other newly established goals, and I am sure you can find many others who express similar feelings.

In addition, there is another powerful yet often forgotten benefit of following a structured, effective fitness plan – improved health and longevity. You cannot place a price tag on even one more hour of life, and you can add decades to your time here on earth by simply choosing to embrace an effective and realistic fitness lifestyle. Ask your family and friends whether they would like for you to live longer, and then ask yourself whether it’s time to make a change, before it’s too late.

You have likely heard the proverb which says that giving away fish only amounts in a perishable quantity, while teaching a man to fish provides lifelong nourishment. In keeping with this wise saying, please consider that knowledge, combined with dedication and persistence, will lead to continual success in any endeavor. I provide the necessary tools to those who, for whatever reason, choose to naturally improve their health and appearance, so I hope you will give me the privilege of working with you.

God Bless!