Powerline Power Rack [PPR200X]


Safely Build Muscle At Home, Alone

The PowerLine Power Rack allows you to build significant muscle mass while weight training alone, with complete safety, and is best used in conjunction with my IncrediBody Transformation Program (which teaches you exactly how to eat and train for muscle building or fat loss). I have always found gyms to be distracting, and training partners in my own personal experience provide more reasons for idle chatter and wasted time than actual muscle building motivation, therefore I have always preferred to train at home, alone. But I also had the goal of making the best possible muscle gains, and to do so, I needed a way to safely spot myself when performing exercises such as bench press and shoulder press, movements that are very dangerous if performed without a spotting device. Hence, the Power Rack became the single most important piece of equipment I purchased, as not only did the unit allow me to safely reach failure on pressing exercises with complete safety, but I was also able to fit the unit in my basement without any issues, therefore allowing for convenient, potent weight training without the need to visit a gym.

Much Cheaper Than Joining A Gym!

Remember that this equipment will last for many years, and is FAR less expensive over the long term than a gym membership, and infinitely more convenient. Along with a weight bench that inclines (visit the workout bench section), the PowerLine Power Rack allows you to safely perform exercises that target the chest (bench pressing), shoulders (military press), triceps (overhead triceps press), traps (shrugs), thighs (squats), and calves (calf raise), all at home, safely, without the need of a training partner! The Power Rack is likely the greatest bodybuilding equipment invention of all time, especially for those who do not wish to join a gym, nor are interested in training with a partner.

• Wide “walk in” design.

• 18 adjustment levels.

• Upright pillars are a full 24″ apart for free motion.

• 41″ wide knurled chinning bar.

• Two heat tempered lift-offs.

• Two saber-style safety rods.

• Assembled Dimensions: 82″H x 44″L x 46″W.

• Covered By PowerLine’s 10 Year Warranty.

• Free shipping is available to all who live within the continental United States.

• This product can be delivered to certain areas outside the continental United States for a shipping fee. You may add this product to your shopping cart in addition to any other items you wish to purchase, check out, and we will contact you by email or phone with a total shipping charge if you live outside the continental United States (assuming the product can be shipped to your area). You may then decide whether to proceed with your order, as I will not process payment until receiving approval from you for any applicable shipping charges. Alternatively, you may contact me with the product you wish to order and your full mailing address, as I will reply with a shipping quote and availability in your area.

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