Powertec Workbench Power Rack [WB-PR16]



Product Description

The revamped Power Rack comes standard with new and Improved Chin Up Bars and Olympic Bar Safety Catches. It also features the ability to add a wide variety of Power Rack accessories (which are sold separately), such as: Weight Plates Storage Horns, Up-Right Extensions, Step-Up Plates, Rope Anchors and Rope Strengthening Rings, Barbell Landmine Attachments and a Multi-Grip Pull Up Bar.

The new Innovative Gravity Lock Safety Catches are included and provide safety at all times. The Power Rack also features a new numeric system for quick setting and adjustments of it’s accessories and the included Dip Bars.

Matted Paint Finish

The new systems feature a Matted Paint Finish, the Frozen look like colors give the system an added special look.

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